Theo Auffret, born in 1995, began his training as a restorative watchmaker, in parallel with his baccalaureate studies, at Dupont’s, in Pontoise. Then in 2012 he joined the professional programme as a restorative watchmaker apprentice in the workshops of Denis Corpechot, in the 8th Arrondissement of Paris. During these two years, he saw many high-end watches and clocks of the most beautiful periods of watchmaking history. During a discussion about the remanufacturing of a part for a pocket watch, he had the chance to meet the renowned watchmaker / manufacturer Jean-Baptiste Viot. The latter would later offer him the chance to continue his apprenticeship in his workshops located on the outskirts of Paris, with all the necessary tools for designing and creating unique watches.


At this time, Jean-Baptiste Viot was devoting part of his time to restoring exceptional pieces for museums and merchants, and at the same time he built a series of eight chronometers in the purest tradition of luxury watchmaking. He decided to entrust his new apprentice with the secrets of machining chronometer components and with the technicalities of construction and prototyping.

In the workshop library Theo studied passionately precision watches and clocks, and in particular the history of pieces made in Paris for scientific purposes. Jean-Baptiste Viot allowed him to use the workshop’s machinery and tools for the making of his own watch, and these were made available to him in the evenings, weekends and school holidays.


After his apprenticeship programme in the workshops of Jean-Baptiste Viot, Theo left Paris for the shores of Lake Neuchâtel (Switzerland) and joined, in the capacity of model-maker, an independent and discreet workshop, which acted as subcontractors for major companies and employed an international team of talented watchmakers.

The still-unfinished prototype of the “Tourbillon à Paris” would be acclaimed in 2018 when it participated in the “Young Talents” contest organised by the F.P. Journe Company.

Back in Paris, Theo went back to the workshops where he had completed his apprenticeship, working on clock-making projects and restoration of ancient watches, and he decided to set up his own workshop on the river Seine and to concentrate once more on construction.




David worked in major french leather goods houses before setting up his own workshop boulevard de Sébastopol, close to the « marais » quarter, the iconic area of fashion and parisian craftmanship.

He realises according to traditionnal techniques, the leather travel box, following the specificities required by the customer.

The leather is carefully chosen, spilt and sewn by hand. Another identical skin is preserved, it will be confided to Walter Bellini for the encasing of the box.

In order to create a deluxe product, one must surround oneself with the most skilled professionals in their particular specilty.



Walter Bellini grew up in Italy, in the Appenines, between Parma and Piacenza. As a young guy, he discovers woodworking with his grandfather, who is a carpenter. Walter will make his career in the industry before finally reconnecting with his passion. Trained in cabinet-making and marquetry at the “Boulle” school, he sets up to Asnières-sur-seine, near the trunk-makers workshops of a famous French brand …

Walter makes the wooden cases of the watches using the most beautiful essences and with the greatest care that it is possible to bring to a manufactured object. From steel hinges, to casing leather, opening button and ebony handles, every detail is studied to offer customers a bespoke cabinet of remarkable quality.